Converting your vehicle to propane is a smart and profitable choice!

Save up to 55% in fuel costs while reducing your vehicle’s greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 30%!

More than 10 years of experience in propane conversion and more than 20 years of mechanical proficiency.

What are the benefits of converting to propane?

Up to 55% reduction
in fuel costs

Reduces your vehicle's
greenhouse gas emissions
by up to 30%.

Doesn't affect the manufacturer's warranty; when installed on Propane-Prep vehicle

A very safe system; Propane tanks are 20 times more puncture-resistant than gasoline tanks.

How does a propane vehicle work?

When you convert to propane, your vehicle actually becomes a hybrid. Your vehicle’s original gasoline-powered system remains intact, so you have the option of using either gasoline or propane depending on your needs and location.

During a conversion, we install propane injectors on your vehicle’s engine. The liquid propane wich is stored in a tank installed on your vehicle, passes through a vaporizer. It is then transformed into propane vapor which is injected into the engine. This entire process is controlled by an on-board computer which makes the propane system very safe and efficient.

Our Propane Vehicle Conversion Services



There are several propane conversion systems available. One of our experts will suggest the best system according to your needs and vehicle. There is a wide selection of propane tanks available; we will advise you on how to optimize the space in your vehicle.


Our specialized technicians only install propane conversion systems approved by the Propane Quebec Association. If the vehicle has the Propane-Prep option offered by the manufacturer, it doesn’t affect the original warranty.


All vehicles require maintenance, whether they run on gasoline, diesel or propane. That being said, converting your vehicle to propane has a minimal maintenance cost. These are required every 40,000 km and are inexpensive.

Why choose Mesure Calib-Tech to convert your vehicle to propane?

Mesure Calib-Tech is an Inovoto technologie partner, a company specialized in alternative gas. We are a group of installers trained in gas control technology (TCG-2) wich excels in propane vehicle conversion. Furthermore, all the components that are installed as part of a conversion are CSA approved, compliant to the B149.5 code and are installed according to the best industry standards. The expertise of our experienced technicians makes Calib-Tech Measurement a reference in the field of alternative fuels.

If you have any questions or you would like to get a quote for your vehicle? Contact us today!
(The cost of a vehicle conversion is between 5,000$ and 8,000$)

(The cost of a vehicle conversion is between 5,000$ and 8,000$)

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