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The many benefits of propane for your vehicle

The many benefits of converting to propane

Up to 55% fuel economy
Budget wise, propane ranks first as the cheapest fuel ahead of gasoline, ethanol and diesel. It is estimated that propane costs between 30% and 55% less than regular gasoline! Also, the price of propane fluctuates much less than that of gasoline.

More environmentally friendly
Converting to propane helps to reduce your vehicle’s greenhouse gas emissions by about 30%. Therefore, it helps to protect the quality of our air. Because the resource is abundant and that the combustion is efficient and clean, propane is an environmentally friendly alternative

Easy to fill up
There is a vast propane distribution network throughout Quebec. Download our application to see the filling stations. In addition, if you have a commercial fleet, it is possible to install a filling station for your propane vehicles directly at your facilities.

The original gas system remains intact
At all times, the vehicle starts on gas and then switches automatically to propane. In the event of a propane failure, the system automatically switches back. In short, the best of both worlds!

Doesn’t affect the manufacturer’s warranty
In Quebec, manufacturers and dealers cannot prohibit the consumer to choose an alternative fuel and must provide proof of failure due to the conversion in the event of an engine failure. Many manufacturers, including Ford, GM and Dodge even offer the propane loan option on their website. Also, dealerships offer to add propane conversion financing to the purchase of a new vehicle.

Less maintenance 

Propane injection technologies have improved significantly over the past few decades. Because propane is a purer gas, the engine is less prone to produce carbon deposits like with gasoline, which means less maintenance and less damage to your vehicle


A transferable system
If you ever plan to change your vehicle, it is possible to transfer your propane conversion system to your new vehicle. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Very safe 
Because propane is a liquid gas when compressed, if there is a leak, it will be gaseous, odorous and the propane will dissolve in the atmosphere. There is no risk of explosion. The ignition temperature of propane is higher than many other fuels such as gasoline, so the vehicle is more explosion proof. Also, a propane tank is 20 times more puncture resistant than a gasoline tank.

How is a propane conversion system installed?

First of all, it is important to know that all parts installed on the vehicle are approved by CSA and the Propane Association of Quebec (AQP).

The system we install is high quality and vetted. Furthermore, our certified installers hold an auto mechanic card (CPA) and they are also accredited by Emploie-Québec in TCG II (gas carburation technician).

For a proper installation, it takes about 24 hours and it’s done in three steps. The first step consists of securing a tank to the frame and installing an exterior filling port. In the second step, we install a pressure regulator, a filter, an approved rigid tubing and

a distribution system. The last step is to fasten a secondary computer to the chassis, which is connected to the main computer and the various components of the propane system.

The operation is simple; when the engine reaches a temperature of 45°C, the secondary computer cuts off the gasoline injection and feeds the engine with the propane injectors. All of the original engine management systems operate normally. An indicator is installed on the dashboard to manually activate or deactivate the system if desired. A propane level indicator will indicate when the vehicle is in propane or gasoline mode and if there is a problem with the system.


All parts used meet the standards established by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Association québécoise du propane (AQP). 

Parts are guaranteed for 2 to 3 years depending on the supplier and labour is guaranteed for one year.


It is possible to finance your conversion directly with your dealer at the time of purchase.